Privacy Policy

 At we value your privacy immensely and in this page you can find our privacy policy to understand how we use and why we collect user data. We have tried our best to avoid any technicalities so that the end user gets to understand the privacy policy and our stand.

When you use the site you understand and agree that we collect some information. This information is collected to offer better service to customers and understand your behaviour on the site which helps us improve our services. Every time you visit the site cookies are stored like all major websites around the world which help us understand the consumer behavior on the site.

What we Collect


At we store cookies and other technologies to monitor user behavior, it gives us access to the users geographic location, browsing history and preferences to tailor our services accordingly. The advertising third party services use these services to market their campaigns for such users and they have access to our data and the IP address of the web traffic which visits our site. The purpose of this is to improve the services which we offer in the form content development, marketing services and e-learning services. This log and analytics behavior helps us understand the clients preferences to improve services and evaluate the potential of every product that we offer on the site.

Personal Information

When you register at the site you share your name and email with us.

The email is necessary to communicate with you for future updates.

It is also used to send you any further events and news events of the site and upcoming courses.

We require personal information such as date of birth to confirm that account holder is above 13 years of age in certain cases.

While placing the order you share your complete address and mobile number with the site.

We use this information to contact the user on special occcasions and inform them of our upcoming services.

We communicate to the user to inform you about our services and about our services and changes in our e-learning course schedule if you have opted in for the e-learning courses. We use your personal information to improve our services and to help you have a better experience on the web.

When you participate in competitions and events that are held at on the website and the social media you understand that you share your personal information with us. The information may vary depending on the event but you will share your name, social media handle and phone number in some cases for contact along with email.

Analytics and Third Party Plugins

The site uses analytics and data to analyses to monitor the site traffic and understand the responses of every page. We use the most trusted and widely used Google analytics to monitor site traffic and user behavior. Clockworkwriter and its owners cannot vouch for the handling of any third party plugins and applications. While the use and integration of the plugin is measures they have access to your data. We may provide your information to our third party associates and service providers. The disclosure of your information helps us personalize our service and provide you with the best service that we can offer.

Contact Forms

We use contact forms to collect your information to contact you where you leave your contact e-mail, phone number and message. The contact forms are a third party plugin and your information is accessible to third party plugins as well. We use popular and reliable third party plugins which are in use by millions of site worldwide.

Financial Information

When you make payment at the site you use trusted payment gateway like RazorPay, woo-commerce and digital wallets like PayTm. Your financial information is not stored on our server and is not accessible to us. It is only through secure payment gateway applications you make financial transactions. Your financial information is not shared with us irrespective of your method of payment.

For further reading on the privacy policy of the payment gateway applications that we use, we encourage you to read the privacy policy of Paytm and Razorpay our primary payment partners.

For our subscription based service, the consumer will be charged on the mode of subscription selected during checkout. We offer a range of subscription services ranging from monthly to annual services. When you opt for the subscription service your card will be deducted automatically as a renewal of the service you continue to enjoy from us.

At we have a commitment towards privacy and we will may update this page to reflect changes to our privacy policy.

Children and Privacy Policy

At Clockworkwriter we have many courses and some of which are made especially for children in schools. While the language in all courses is about learning and development we restrict children from registering for certain courses due to certain age restrictions. The minor children can register in the presence of supervision of their parent or guardian. We also encourage the parent, teacher and guardian to make the child aware about the privacy policy so that children are familiar with the rules before using the site.