10 Web Content Writing Secrets For Beginners in 2020

web content writing
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Let’s talk about web content writing so you can immediately work on your website and take some immediate action. I’ll show you 10 steps that are ideal for beginner to intermediate users and you don’t need any prior writing experience for this.

web content writing

Keep Important Points at Top – No.1 Web Content Writing Secret

Give important information at the top of your reader. Now we all as writers are guilty of writing long essays and comprehension passages but this isn’t required here. You must get to the point quickly so that the user gets the information quickly. So the first secret is to keep important information at the beginning of the page.

When you open the newspaper you are presented with the top headlines of the day, similarly, you need to give the user the best and catchy information at the top. Think of your website as a newspaper and the information that is above the page must be most important. Make sure you write every important point here that connects with the reader. Share useful information that will connect and help your target audience.

Explain it easily to a child

Write Like You’re Explaining it To A Child

Keep it simple and explain it like you will explain it to your child or cousin. Understand the concepts very well so that you are able to explain it clearly to the reader. Dont confuse the reader with confusing words or unnecessary that is not needed.

Explain the concept of website writing without technical jargon for a moment. You have to explain it in English to a person who is yet not aware of SEO and copywriting. Explain to them why is it important to write shorter sentences?

People have a short attention span and to get their attention span it’s best to write short and crisp sentences. These sentences are easy to read and help them retain the information you want to share. I have been guilty of deviating from the topic often and that reminds me of another important point of sticking with the topic.

Copyblogger recommends simple words over complex ones. It urges writers to use words that are easy to understand than difficult words just to show that one is reading the word of the day list.

The Trump Phenomenon

Internet is similar to the United States President, Donald Trump. The intelligence authorities to hold his attention in briefings and often come up with pictures than complex document. While this can be laughed off, this is precisely how the internet behaves.

We don’t read the text for a long time and love to skip content unless it grabs our attention in the opening line. Interesting opening and a good image is a good option to mix-up things for your readers. To engage readers, remember that your text passes the Donald Trump test and is interesting enough to impress him.

Take a firm position

You must be firm in what you write for others to believe in you. If you hesitate in your opinion no one believes in it and doesn’t like to follow it. Propose an idea even if it’s not popular with everyone. You need to believe in what is right.

Know The Audience

Before you can write well, you must know who you are audience is and for that you must find out more about them. What does your reader want from your website? Is the reader visiting the website to find information or a new recipe? What is the purpose of their visit? If you’re able to satisfy the user by giving them what they want, you will get yourself a visitor who will come back again.

For a health blog on Keto diet, the reader comes with the topic of health and diet to be found but when the one visits SEO blogs, you want SEO and marketing content. Understand whether the reader comes to your blog for entertainment or information or a product? This understanding helps you build the content accordingly.

If the reader wishes to have entertainment, then Sparta, it’s time to turn on the collegium and turn on the show. Don’t give the spartans a guide about backlink and content marketing.

You can also learn about the technique in the course that we offer and get certified on the way.

Short Paragraphs

Web content writing is like telling a good story, it needs to engage the reader but the paragraphs must be short and not long. Readers lose interest in the topic when they see a long chunk of text all at once. If you break this text into fragments, you will find more readability.

Give space between the paragraphs to be easy on the eyes. Never have more than 300 words in a paragraph at one go.

Simplify the Writing

The dinner table when it’s arranged with cutlery and glassware is shiny tempting you towards it. Before you sink in into the butter chicken, the cutlery and platers at the restaurant invite you. When you write for the website make it equally tempting for the readers like the cutlery before the food is ready.

One Step To Improve Web Content Writing

Practice makes us perfect. You can select one website that you have written and rework with all these rules. Check if it passes all the rules in the list. If it misses any of the rules, then make the necessary that you check eight of the ten checklists.

You can follow this checklist as a guideline for every web content writing that you do and to improve the current ones. This acts as a practical guideline for web writing and helps you write better for the web. Never stop practicing and the more you practice with this checklist the better your writing gets.

Use Powerful Images

web content writing

Multimedia has become a major part of the internet and images and videos for a major part of the website along with the text. Use powerful imagery to evoke a reaction from readers like popular websites like Apple and Nike. They use strong images with strong colors that evoke strong emotions and this brings a reaction of joy that prompts the user to purchase.

Ask for an Expert opinion

You can always get website writing services from experts from us for any websites that will optimize your content. Contact us with and let us know your business project we will be in touch with you soon.

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